Phi Delta Theta

Bob Sherwin

California Zeta - California State University, Northridge

My Iron Phi Story

My Donors
Steven Brourman MD
Jane Sierra
Ken Sabbag
Edwin haronian MD
Bob Sherwin
Jim Burra
James Sherman
Dr. Edwin Haronian
David Sones
Steven Brourman MD
Rob and Brie Sherwin
Robert Sherwin
Dennis & Gail Sherwin
Stanley Gilson
Mr. Thomas J Wicke
Paul Grodan
Mr. Joe Mika
Ronald Piacenti
randy cohen
Mark Ganjianpour
Paul McPherson
Joyce Novak
Kevin and Jenny Pelton
Lazaro V Alonso MD
Alan B. Snitzer
Greyson Geiler
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Carlo Brignardello
Michael Lohnberg
Shawn Hamilton #602
Gary Firestone
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Dr. Edwin Haronian
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Tom Garnella
Tom and Nicole Huber
John Arnold
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Ron and Roberta Sandor
Slinsky Family
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Sherre and Jeff Hirsch
Jeff and Sherre
Tom Klawitter
Dave Howard
Jim Cohn
Jeff Gould
Arthur Toretzky
Rob Owens
Marilyn and Harvey
Tara, Jeff, Reed, & Drew Lang
Oscar Huerta
Mrs. patsy r jorgensen
Chuck & Kathy Ward
Eric & Sharon Jackson
Wayne Edwards
Steve Gordon
Harvey and Marilyn Lee Schneider
Steven Jarvis
Tyler, Rebecca, & Liam
Dr. Stuart Fischer
Bill Brown
Steve Barrett
gary L Barr
Craig Aramaki
Kathy Sierra
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Larry and Kathy Fried
Jeffrey Caren
Mark & Kathy Flatau
Adam Dombchik
Bill Marovitz
Andy Dhadwal
Sharon F Jackson
Mark Elliott
Gino Suter
Mike Barraza
Joe Po
Mr. Bob Sherwin JD
Mitchel U. Silverman MD
Jeffrey Swartz
Charlie LaDuca
Mark Flatau
Corina Lee
Cheryl Wallach & Scott Ford
Jim Barker
Philip Michael DeCarlo
The Eddys

How Does My Donation Make a Difference?

Your donation towards an Iron Phi athlete equally supports two very important things: Supporting ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) through research and support of ALS families and leadership development for undergraduate members of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

At the end of each year calendar year, the LiveLikeLou Foundation grants dollars raised through Iron Phi to fund its initiatives that support ALS research, scholarships to support the higher education goals of ALS dependents, and summer camp experiences for children who have a parent or grandparent with ALS.

Dollars used for undergraduate leadership development have and continue to help Phi Delta Theta educate more of its undergraduate members as they work to “Become the Greatest Version of Themselves.”