Phi Delta Theta


Iron Phi Rivalries - August 1 - November 30

ri·val·ry – a competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.


College rivalries are fun. Whether it is in the world of admissions, athletics, regional components, the Greek community, in the classroom, during intramurals, or even within Phi Delta Theta itself, the competitive nature that comes with rivalries pushes all of us to become better. To Become the Greatest Version of Ourselves.

Iron Phi Rivalries was created to harvest very positive competition within Phi Delta Theta for a cause worth fighting for; a cause that is moving both the Fraternity and its fight against ALS forward – Iron Phi.

Through Iron Phi Rivalries, Iron Phi is going local and getting personal, pairing Phi Delt chapters against each other to compete each fall. The collective competitive juices from Iron Phi Rivalries will spark great momentum for Phi Delt chapters, individual participants, Iron Phi, and the impact that we are able to make through the Live Like Lou Foundation and Phi Delta Theta.


August 1 – November 30, 2024

Who Can Participate:

A chapter can mobilize its initiated members, Phikeias, alumni, parents, and friends to join their Iron Phi team.

How Do People Participate:

Participants should register to become an Iron Phi, raise funds during the competition, and work towards completing their personal Iron Phi athletic event. Their individual fundraising results contribute to the fundraising total for the chapter they join upon Iron Phi registration. If individuals already have an Iron Phi fundraising page, they should continue fundraising there.

How is the Winner Determined:

At the end of the competition, the winning chapter from each rivalry will have the highest score from this equation:

Iron Phi Dollars Raised by the Chapter's Participants (August 1 - November 30) divided by # of Undergraduates in the Chapter

BONUS POINTS: NEW THIS YEAR: Chapters have the opportunity to add to their score with the following bonus points:

  • 1 point - Every new Iron Phi registrant from July 1 - November 30, 2024
  • 3 points - Every current Iron Phi who raises $444+ from July 1 - November 30, 2024
  • 5 points - Every new Iron Phi named from August 1 - November 30, 2024

JerseyCompetition Incentives:

Alongside the pride and positive chapter morale that will come with winning your rivalry, the following incentives can be earned:

  • Chapters that win their rivalry and raise a minimum of $5,000 will receive a commemorate Lou Gehrig jersey to display with pride.
  • Individuals who surpass $1,000 raised on their Iron Phi fundraising page and complete an atheltic event become Iron Phis and receive the normal benefits.
  • Individuals who surpass $2,500 raised on their Iron Phi fundraising page receive an Adidas Iron Phi long-sleeve t-shirt and membership into Phi Delta Theta's True Blue Society.
  • Individuals who surpass $5,000 raised on their Iron Phi fundraising page receive an Under Armour Iron Phi hoodie.
  • Those who became Iron Phis before July 1, 2024 can earn our Iron Phi re-commit shirt if they raise $444+ throughout the 2024-25 year.
  • Dollars raised by individuals during the competition count towards a chapter’s effort to become an Iron Phi Chapter and Live Like Lou Triple Crown Chapter.
  • If rivalry pairings want to work together to fund a special traveling trophy/item, they can do so on their own. We encourage it!
Iron Phi always works to keep incentive costs low in order to grant more dollars raised to our causes.

Iron Phi Rivalries:

The rivalries below have been developed based on a number of factors: Existing school/sports rivalries, geography, past competition results, and past Iron Phi engagement.

  • Alabama Beta (Auburn) vs. Mississippi Alpha (Ole Miss)
  • Arizona Alpha (Arizona) vs. Arizona Beta (Arizona State)
  • Arkansas Alpha (Arkansas) vs. Alabama Alpha (Alabama)
  • Arkansas Beta (Arkansas State) vs. Oklahoma Epsilon (Rogers State)
  • British Columbia Alpha (UBC) vs. British Columbia Beta (UBC, Okanagan)
  • California Alpha (UC, Berkeley) vs. California Chi (San Francisco)
  • California Epsilon (UC, Davis) vs. California Nu (Cal Poly)
  • California Omega (Santa Clara) vs. California Upsilon (Fresno State)
  • California Pi (San Diego State) vs. California Kappa (UC, San Diego)
  • California Psi (Loyola Marymount) vs. California Delta (Southern California)
  • California Rho (La Verne) vs. California Zeta (Cal State Northridge)
  • California Sigma (Sonoma State) vs. California Xi (Chico State)
  • California Theta (UC, Irvine) vs. California Phi (Chapman)
  • Connecticut Alpha (CCSU) vs. Connecticut Delta (ECSU)
  • Florida Delta (Miami) vs. Florida Kappa (Florida International)
  • Florida Epsilon (South Florida) vs. Florida Theta (Tampa)
  • Florida Iota (UCF) vs. Florida Xi (Florida Gulf Coast)
  • Florida Mu (Embry-Riddle) vs. Georgia Theta (Augusta)
  • Florida Nu (Florida Atlantic) vs. Florida Omicron (Nova Southeastern)
  • Georgia Alpha (Georgia) vs. Florida Alpha (Florida)
  • Georgia Eta (West Georgia) vs. Georgia Iota (North Georgia)
  • Georgia Gamma (Mercer) vs. Georgia Epsilon (Georgia Southern)
  • Idaho Alpha (Idaho) vs. Idaho Beta (Boise State)
  • Illinois Eta (Illinois) vs. Wisconsin Alpha (Wisconsin)
  • Illinois Gamma (Monmouth) vs. Illinois Beta (Chicago)
  • Indiana Alpha (Indiana) vs. Indiana Theta (Purdue)
  • Indiana Beta (Wabash) vs. Indiana Zeta (DePauw)
  • Indiana Iota (Valparaiso) vs. Indiana Delta (Franklin)
  • Iowa Gamma (Iowa State) vs. Kansas Gamma (Kansas State)
  • Kansas Alpha (Kansas) vs. Missouri Alpha (Mizzou)
  • Kansas Epsilon (Emporia State) vs. Kansas Beta (Washburn)
  • Kansas Theta (Ottawa) vs. Oregon Delta (Oregon Tech)
  • Kentucky Alpha-Delta (Centre) vs. Indiana Epsilon (Hanover)
  • Kentucky Eta (Western Kentucky) vs. Kentucky Iota (Louisville)
  • Louisiana Epsilon (LA Tech) vs. Louisiana Alpha (Tulane)
  • Manitoba Alpha (Manitoba) vs. Alberta Alpha (Alberta)
  • Maryland Delta (Johns Hopkins) vs. Maryland Beta (McDaniel)
  • Massachusetts Epsilon (Northeastern) vs. Connecticut Gamma (UConn)
  • Massachusetts Zeta (UMass) vs. Massachusetts Eta (Babson)
  • Michigan Alpha (Michigan) vs. Michigan Beta (Michigan State)
  • Michigan Delta (Kettering) vs. Indiana Kappa (Ball State)
  • Michigan Eta (Western Michigan) vs. Michigan Zeta (Central Michigan)
  • Minnesota Beta (MSU, Mankato) vs. Wisconsin Zeta (UW, Whitewater)
  • Mississippi Beta (Mississippi State) vs. Texas Nu (Texas A&M)
  • Missouri Beta (Westminster) vs. Missouri Beta Prime (Central Methodist)
  • Missouri Kappa (UMKC) vs. New Jersey Zeta (NJIT)
  • Missouri Zeta (SE Missouri State) vs. Missouri Iota (Lindenwood)
  • Montana Alpha (Montana) vs. South Dakota Alpha (South Dakota)
  • Nebraska Alpha (Nebraska) vs. Colorado Alpha (Colorado)
  • Nebraska Beta (Nebraska, Kearney) vs. Iowa Delta (Drake)
  • Nebraska Gamma (Creighton) vs. Kansas Delta (Wichita State)
  • Nevada Beta (UNLV) vs. Nevada Alpha (Nevada)
  • New Hampshire Beta (Southern New Hampshire) vs. New York Eta (RIT)
  • New Jersey Gamma (Seton Hall) vs. New Jersey Delta (Stockton)
  • New York Kappa (Hofstra) vs. New York Lambda (St. John's)
  • New York Zeta (Colgate) vs. New York Alpha (Cornell)
  • North Carolina Beta (UNC) vs. North Carolina Delta (NC State)
  • North Carolina Gamma (Davidson) vs. North Carolina Epsilon (UNC Charlotte)
  • North Carolina Zeta (Campbell) vs. North Carolina Eta (App State)
  • North Dakota Beta (North Dakota State) vs. North Dakota Alpha (North Dakota)
  • Nova Scotia Alpha (Dalhousie) vs. Quebec Alpha (McGill)
  • Ohio Beta (Ohio Wesleyan) vs. Ohio Xi (Otterbein)
  • Ohio Epsilon (Akron) vs. Indiana Gamma (Butler)
  • Ohio Eta (Case Western) vs. Ohio Lambda (Kent State)
  • Ohio Mu (Ashland) vs. Ohio Gamma (Ohio)
  • Ohio Theta (Cincinnati) vs. Ohio Alpha (Miami)
  • Oklahoma Alpha (Oklahoma) vs. Oklahoma Beta (Oklahoma State)
  • Oklahoma Gamma (SW Oklahoma State) vs. Texas Theta (West Texas A&M)
  • Ontario Alpha (Toronto) vs. Ontario Delta (York)
  • Ontario Epsilon (Carleton) vs. Ontario Gamma (McMaster)
  • Oregon Alpha (Oregon) vs. Oregon Beta (Oregon State)
  • Pennsylvania Beta (Gettsyburg) vs. Maryland Gamma (Washington College)
  • Pennsylvania Delta (Allegheny) vs. Pennsylvania Omicron (Shippensburg)
  • Pennsylvania Iota (Pittsburgh) vs. Pennsylvania Theta (Penn State)
  • Pennsylvania Lambda (IUP) vs. Pennsylvania Sigma (Millersville)
  • Pennsylvania Mu (Widener) vs. New Jersey Epsilon (Montclair State)
  • Pennsylvania Pi (Robert Morris) vs. West Virginia Gamma (West Liberty)
  • Pennsylvania Rho (Carnegie Mellon) vs. Georgia Delta (Georgia Tech)
  • Pennsylvania Zeta (UPenn) vs. Massachusetts Gamma (MIT)
  • South Carolina Gamma (Clemson) vs. South Carolina Beta (South Carolina)
  • Tennessee Alpha (Vanderbilt) vs. Tennessee Eta (Middle Tennessee State)
  • Tennessee Theta (East Tennessee State) vs. Kentucky Theta (Eastern Kentucky)
  • Texas Gamma (Southwestern) vs. Texas Delta (Southern Methodist)
  • Texas Kappa (Texas, Arlington) vs. Texas Upsilon (Texas, Dallas)
  • Texas Pi (Sam Houston) vs. Texas Eta (Stephen F. Austin)
  • Texas Tau (Texas, El Paso) vs. New Mexico Alpha (New Mexico)
  • Texas Xi (Texas, San Antonio) vs. Texas Mu (Texas State)
  • Texas Zeta (TCU) vs. Texas Epsilon (Texas Tech)
  • Utah Alpha (Utah) vs. Colorado Gamma (Colorado State)
  • Virginia Beta (Virginia) vs. Virginia Eta (Virginia Tech)
  • Virginia Lambda (George Mason) vs. Virginia Kappa (Radford)
  • Washington Alpha (Washington) vs. Washington Gamma (Washington State)
  • Washington Delta (Puget Sound) vs. Washington Beta (Whitman)
  • Wisconsin Gamma (Ripon) vs. Wisconsin Epsilon (St. Norbert)