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Beat kU!

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Welcome to our team page!

At Phi Delta Theta we have a special saying within our organization - "We enjoy life by the help and society of others." This is our open motto and explains our motivation to help others through the Iron Phi program. We recognize the priviliges and blessings we have as college students and strive to give our time and financial resources back to those less fortunate than us.

We are thrilled to be turning philanthropic efforts entirely to the Iron Phi program this semester. On an individual level the Iron Phi program consists of raising $1,000 for the LiveLikeLou foundation (fighting ALS) and engaging in an athletic event of the member's choice. We have many members working to receive this personal distinction, while also the chapter as a whole working towards the Iron Phi chapter distinction (raising $10,000 as a chapter). 

We have a goal this semester of becoming an Iron Phi chapter: a distinction our chapter has not had since 2019-20. We will not lose focus of the fact that each and every dollar LiveLikeLou receives is one they did not have, regardless if we make it to $10,000 or not.

Additionally, we are starting a new tradition this semester with kU Phi Delt. From September 1- November 30, we are competing to see who can raise the most Iron Phi support. We would love to have your support to help us beat kU!

We ask that you give generously in the name and memory of Lou Gehrig- your donations will be appreciated deeply by each and every member of the Missouri Alpha chapter. Donations can be made to the chapter as a whole or specifically to one member to help them achieve their personal Iron Phi goal!

We thank you for your support,


The Brothers of the Missouri Alpha Chapter


For any further questions contact:

Duke Mooney 

Philanthropy Chair

(303) 518-7377



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How Does My Donation Make a Difference?

Your donation towards an Iron Phi athlete equally supports two very important things: Supporting ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) through research and support of ALS families and leadership development for undergraduate members of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

At the end of each year calendar year, the LiveLikeLou Foundation grants dollars raised through Iron Phi to fund its initiatives that support ALS research, scholarships to support the higher education goals of ALS dependents, and summer camp experiences for children who have a parent or grandparent with ALS.

Dollars used for undergraduate leadership development have and continue to help Phi Delta Theta educate more of its undergraduate members as they work to “Become the Greatest Version of Themselves.”